I took part in the 8th Montpellier Start-up Weekend, presenting the idea of Tripzy, a webapp to help people organize their trips. Our team ended up 2nd!

In search for a problem I really wanted solved, I was struck by a decent idea the very morning before the beginning of the start-up weekend. At the time, it had probably been close to two years since my high schools friends and I had launched the idea of a week-long vacation together. Still, every time one of us tried to suggest dates, places or things to do, we couldn’t agree and finalize the organization. The rest of the group was either too slow to reply or found a way to question every suggestion. I especially found that our “organizing tool” (Facebook groups) was clearly not helping: having the messages sorted chronologically did not necessarily make sense and finding decisions we had managed to agree on wa close to impossible because of the feed display.

Taking this as a starting point, I imagined a webapp where one person would input suggestions and hence lead the organization, whereas the rest of the group would simply be sent a message with a URL to a page with as few questions as possible. Like a survey that can be answered in less than a minute.

Hence I ended up with the following workflow: to organize a trip, you need to know who is coming with you, when is the trip happening, where you are going, what activities you want to do, how you’re actually going there and how much everyone is ready to spend to make sure this happens.

After having Tripzy selected as one of the ideas that would actually be pitched in the final competition, my colleague Nicolas and I had to gather people interested in working with us for the next 48h. We spent two days thinking about the ways to present the idea and how we would actually create a valuable business out of it. It ended up being a really fun weekend and we definitely learnt a lot!

The slides were originally in French, I translated most of them (not the screenshots of our POC) before posting most of the deck here.