Harmozo is a small web app I built in ClojureScript to help musicians jam together.

The goal here is to provide a very simple tool for people playing music in a band or alone, to create nice progressions and solos. Depending on the chord(s) you want to play, Harmozo can suggest additional chords depending on the emotion you are trying to convey.

The app is not finished but it’s definitely in a state where it would have been very useful to have back when I played in a band! From 2 or more chords, it tells you which scales (only major and minor for now) and which keys you’re playing in. This helps choosing the next chords or more simply notes to play.

In the next iteration, the idea is to harness the power of functional harmony to suggest chords to play. Also, I would like to use cljsrn to make a React Native app but need to play with the tech a bit more.