New country, new me!

I moved from Montpellier (France) to Canberra a few weeks ago and I felt like it was the good time to give this site a bit of a refresh. So please let me welcome you warmly :)

I’ll progressively add some content from older versions of this site or other blog posts / notes that I wrote at some point. If you’re lucky, you might even get screenshots of all the designs this site went through. And trust me, some of them are worth having a look at, mainly as an example of what not to do on the web in terms of design!

But more importantly, I’ll write many (hopefully) articles about machine learning or other data-related topics. It’s something I’ve been interested in for many years, starting in 2012-13 when I started collecting data for my research on quantum computing. All the analytics necessary to conduct this research sort of made me go down the rabbit hole of data science.